Every Sip

Today was supposed to be the end of my wonderful four day weekend. At the city, we got MJK Jr. day off and I took Friday off with comp time.

I’m at home again today. This time with a sick day. Yesterday, around 11am, I went to visit my parents and they fixed me one peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It would be the last thing I ate until about noon today.

I have no idea what had struck me. My sister told me to “just keep sipping water”… but even sips of water would not stay down. Nor would any medicine.

The night was very long. Fever. Cold. Sweat. I phoned into work this morning. I rested some. When I woke up, I felt a little better.

I decided to risk it. I took a sip of water. Waited an hour.


Then I sipped some Ginger Ale. Waited another hour.

Yup, it’s still here!

Then I took gulps of water. Waited only 30 minutes until having more.


Then, like clockwork, I made some chicken noodle soup. I drank an entire can of Ginger Ale, too.



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