Longest GMail Thread

What’s the longest GMail thread you’ve ever seen?

Mine’s currently at 58.


8 Responses to Longest GMail Thread

  1. deezil says:

    Thanks for the job website linkage. I’m rooting around for one myself. When you get on next, I’ll send you a link to one I’ll be applying for.

  2. mark says:

    you are a n00b, i have one right now at 75 ^__^

  3. I am working on one, right now it is only 48 long, but will be tremendous.

  4. Sabriel says:

    I have one on 83 currently.

  5. bofe says:

    Comments deleted for sheer cluelessness.

  6. adam says:

    Brb, going to search the Internet for blog posts from 1999 and make fun of the author’s 1GHz processor and 512MB of ram!

  7. stinkypie says:

    so anyway, need to write petition to hardees to bring back hash rounds

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