Backing up your Gmail

TechCrunch reported a Gmail Disaster—and while it only happened for a nominal number of people the reaches of the problem could be catastrophic.

I put myself in the shoes of one of the users that lost their email and I made a choice to never be there.

You will need one copy of Thunderbird to export your email and an application called GML Loader to import it back into Gmail. They’re both cross platform and free.

From Gmail, you’ll need to click “Settings” in the top right, then the “Forwarding and POP” tab. [click thumbnail to enlarge]


Google has instructions for setting up Thunderbird.

I have a local copy of Thunderbird running on my home box checking the email at least daily. Thunderbird automatically creates a .mbx file of the email which GML Loader read and send to your Gmail account.

The GML Loader page has instructions on sending messages back to Gmail

Regardless, the mbx file(s) are the most valuable. I’ve burned mine to DVD and I’m planning on encrypting them (with Defygo =) ) and placing them on this server, too.


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  1. julia says:

    Good. Now one more American knows about the REAL Smarties: Canadian Smarties.

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