The past few years I’ve been posting yearly recaps of my year from personal and professional standpoints.

Nothing could have prepared me for what 2006 held. It’s been one of the more difficult years but it’s also been the most rewarding.

  • A year ago I had never tried Vietnamese or Ethiopian food. I got to eat them both – along with a load of other ethnicities in Kansas City’s City Market.
  • A year ago I had never lived outside of Kentucky. I was living in Murray, KY. I moved out of state in May, to Overland Park ,KS. Then I moved back to Owensboro, KY – my hometown. Whew. I’m so effing tired of moving.
  • A year ago I left the house without putting some kind of gel in my hair. I can’t do that now. I’m not sure very many people who met me in the past 6 months know what I look like without my hair up.
  • A year ago I had never gotten my hair highlighted. I did that in May.
  • A year ago I had never seen the Pacific Ocean. I visited San Diego, CA in January. I even got to go to Tijuana.
  • A year ago I had never been to Texas. In May, I placed nationally in an AITP contest.
  • A year ago I had never seen TOOL in concert. This year I saw TOOL, Defones, Thursday, Thrice, Billy Talent, Rise Against, O.A.R., and Jack’s Mannequin.
  • A year ago I wasn’t a Guitar Hero.
  • A year ago I had never done an ecommerce transaction. A store I helped set up did a few thousand this past holiday season.
  • A year ago I didn’t have a bachelors degree. I’ve got one of those laying around here somewhere… =)
  • A year ago I was in love with Gmail. I still am.
  • A year ago I didn’t have a little brother. My little bro, Matt, was initiated in early April. Damn, I’m alumni already.
  • A year ago I barely watched television. Now I can barely get enough TV. Shows like LOST, Scrubs, Rome and Arrested Development revitalized my interest.
  • A year ago I could live without digital cable/satellite. Now if I can’t see scheduling information on screen, I’d rather not watch.

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