Higher Level

Since moving back to my old Kentucky home, I’ve realized what I was missing when I was in KS – the time to do “higher level” activities.

Basically in KC here’s a summary of my activities:

  1. Work & Commute (35%) – 60 hours a week (very conservative estimate – especially when external projects were going on)
  2. Sleep (29%) – 7 hours a night (again, conservative estimate)
  3. Eat (8%) – 2 hours a day, including lunch break at work (an hour for lunch at work stretches it a little)
  4. Free Time (18%) – 4 hours a day – Includes watching LOST, driving to and from DMac’s, awesome times on the Malibu, TOOL/O.A.R./Thursday & Billy Talent concerts, bars, and Guitar Hero. 4 hours a day seems excessive, but remember I’m talking about a 7 day week. Weekends skew this number

Here’s a summary of my activities in KY so far:

  1. Work & Commute (23%) – 40.5 hours a week.
  2. Sleep (29%) – still about 7 hours a night.
  3. Eat (8%) – 2 hours a day. Mandatory one hour lunch, though.
  4. Free Time (39%) – 9 hours a day. This includes seeing friends, bars, cooking meals, watching TV, doing things around the apartment, reading

We’ve got a 11% increase in “Free Time” and an 11% decrease in “Work & Commute”.

Maybe some pies will help illustrate [click for full views]:

Kansas City:




As the charts reveal, I clearly have more free time. Which means I can spend it doing “higher level” activities besides work/sleep/eat. What am I going to be doing?

  • Reading
  • Catching up with friends
  • Making new friends
  • Exercise
  • Cooking/Learning to Cook more things
  • The ever important, writing and making pie charts about my time to post on my blog =)

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  1. adam says:

    thisisssoocool, plz email me a few dozen cc #’s so i can furrther tesstts k….

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