New Music Suggestions

I’m in dire need of some good, new (to me) music.

Check my to see what I’ve been listening to if you don’t know what kind of music I’m into. I wouldn’t say my is too indicative of all of my musical tastes, but it’s a start.

Craiggers? Chris R? Bittel?

Comment me up some awesome new music, please!


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2 Responses to New Music Suggestions

  1. Evan says:

    AW MAN! Thanks for the add dude! One of these days I’ll use rss too, and you’ll be the first to subscribe to.
    I will check out this google reader you speak of and see if it’s easy enough for even me to use!
    Hope things are golden in your world.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. CajoleJuice says:


    Yea, shameless self-promotion. But seriously, listen to The Black Keys.

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