Music Trolling

“Dr.” David Thorpe writes a column on SomethingAwful called Your Band Sucks which regularly trashes bands that I love.

He points out why Tool, Coheed and Cambria, Radiohead Avenged Sevenfold, and basically any band with a decent following all suck. The cool thing is that most of the time he’s right.

The column is a good reality check for any of the music fanatics out there. Read the fan mail he gets.



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2 Responses to Music Trolling

  1. bofe says:

    Mr Positive,

    I’m not encouraging people to search for things to add to the “suck list”. This was simply a column I came across that provided an interesting counterpoint to a lot of bands that I like — think of it as the less heard side of the argument.

    And to UnluckyCat, Coheed doesn’t suck. =P

  2. aetbm says:

    Good site!!!

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