The Longest Day

A bulleted recap of 11/06/2006 – 11/07/2006

  • 7:30 AM, wake up
  • 8:40 AM drive to Evansville, IN for job interview
  • 10:00 AM arrive in Evansville, interview
  • 12:00 PM finish interviewing, depart for Owensboro
  • 12:50 PM arrive home, spend time relaxing…wait for Adam and Pixie to pick me up for flight to Nashville
  • 5:00 PM depart Owensboro for Nashville, TN (I have a flight back to KC at 8:20 PM)
  • 11:30 PM arrive at Red Roof Inn in Nashville, TN.
  • 12:03 AM (It’s now Tuesday) receive text notification from Clayton that Guitar Hero 2 has been acquired
  • 4:00 AM receive text message from Clayton saying he has conquered GH2.
  • 4:00:15 AM weep openly because Clayton beat GH2 before I did
  • 4:30 AM shower, get ready to get taxi to airport
  • 5:20 AM take taxi ride from hotel to airport
  • 6:45 AM depart Nashville
  • 8:30 AM arrive in Kansas City
  • 9:30 AM drive to Overland Park to shower again, change clothes, and go to work
  • 11:00 AM arrive at work, resume normal work week
  • 6:00 PM get home, play GH2
  • 7:30 PM sleep

Typically, a drive to Nashville from Owensboro is two hours and change. According to the KY DOT, this was due to a “vehicle on fire” on I-65 south bound—about 5 minutes outside of Bowling Green.

My whole day was completely fucked.

I had to get DMac’s wife on the phone (Thank you SO much!) to cancel my original 8:20 PM reservation and get the next one possible. Next reservation? 6:45 AM.

So, we drove around Nashville near the airport and found a hotel room for the three of us that night. It was a pretty terrible hotel, filled with roaches and my crazy travel friends. I did not get any sleep.


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