It begins

I made two posts last month outlining how Digg and other social bookmarking/linking sites can be rendered impotent by self interest.

Gaming 2.0 and GameDiggNow Continued are the posts.

Today we have User/Submitter and an article introducing it on ReadWrite Web

The domain has been reigstered since early August of this year.


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2 Responses to It begins

  1. adam says:

    earth hugger 2.0, 3D ant burner, silent messenger beta, power surge generator 8.0: wartime edition, powerpoint file destroyer, mitsubishi eclipse manual, webmd penis faq’s, star craft, ecco the dolphin win32, command and conquer racial cleansing edition, homochat 10: rainbo edition, cue card manager, ecco the dolphin trainer, power surge blocker, alt.anime/henti

  2. deezil says:

    firefox, sql explorer, gtalk convo, putty, sql analysis manager, eclipse, rubbin teh rocket, you get a gold star 2.0, MySQL, Filezilla, Gtalk main window, notepad, more MySQL, Winamp and Thunderbird.

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