Google Reader goes Big

Earlier this month I posted about Google Reader. Today I go to my aggregator and I’m greeted by a great new interface. Amazing job!

It’s now to RSS readers as gmail is to email. Now if the guys who made the Gmail Macro Greasemonkey Scripts would make one for reader… my life would be complete.

If you don’t have any ideas on what sites to add to your Google Reader, I’ve uploaded my feed list. Now if you want to get a daily dose of KC news, my friends from around the world, and tech philosophy/news , give it a shot. This is an OPML feed, so it should import into any other RSS reader. I know it will import into Google Reader.


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One Response to Google Reader goes Big

  1. Andy says:


    After turning Find as you type off in Firefox this feature strated working. It works in Gmail with Macros and Find as you type enabled (occaisionally I have to Press the Esc key) but most keyboard shortcuts are not working when I have “find as you type” enabled.

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