First TOOL Show

I saw my favorite band in concert last night.

I’ve liked TOOL since high school. They always played in Nashville when I had to do things with Racerband. Now that I’m in KC, I got to see a Danny Carey homecoming show, too.

Danny’s from Kansas and attended UMKC.

Here’s the setlist and various reviews.

I was/am too overwhelmed to write a review. I’ll just say a couple of things:

People criticize Maynard/TOOL for not being very animated during their shows. For the most part, the guitarist and bassist were stationery the entire show. I don’t think you can find me a band that’s playing music that’s as busy as any of the songs TOOL played while moving around.

Also, as intense as TOOL’s music can be the show was visually encompassing. The show had a very elaborate Laser-Light aspect which brought the house down.

My favorite song of the night: 10,000 days.


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3 Responses to First TOOL Show

  1. burris says:

    im jealous

  2. Jesse says:

    Im Jealous, i want to see Tool so bad but i live somewhere where they wont even come by…:( i want TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mehdi says:

    man I saw them in paris a week ago! By the way, I was looking for some reviews about that show on the net, and I found the essay you posted (! I was terrified when I noticed that every couple of songs gives you the number 13 (6+7 5+8…)
    thanks for sharing the results with us!

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