The Intangibles

Recently mentioned to me (paraphrased):

My boss is pretty kickass. They just hired him not too long ago The previous guy they had here told them we could do the Oracle Migration in a year, with half our staff. That’s completely untrue. He told the board that the guy had led them astray, but he was going to pick up the slack. However, the Oracle Migration would take 1.5 years. He then went to his team, told them this and said we can get it done in half a year. *Under promise, over deliver. It’s how the organization’s confidence in the team is built. * Without the confidence, we’re worthless.

Confidence is definitely an intangible—impossible to measure, yet absolutely critical. What other intangibles come to mind?

  • Morale
  • Customer/Client Relationships
  • Comment your own…

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3 Responses to The Intangibles

  1. adam says:

    uber fps micro

  2. Employee/Team motivation is a pretty big one. This kind of ties into Moral but is a little more specific.

  3. rickp says:

    Trust. I guess that is similar to confidence, but I think there’s a semantic difference between the confidence you describe and the trust I am referring to. You’re reference is to the confidence a group within an organization has in another group… I think trust is more of a personal thing. Your employees have to trust you. You have to trust your empoloyees. Other people in other departments have to trust your employees. Your customers have to trust your sales, your support and your directional management.

    If you’re a project leader and you trust your team and they trust you (assuming both trusts are not misplaced) you can make true project estimates and timelines based upon their estimates and they will know that if they need direction or just an obstacle cleared, you’ll be there to do it.

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