*AMP Must Have SQLyog

SQLyog will make you wish you never used phpMyAdmin except in instances that you couldn’t install software.

The only question: how do you pronounce it? Derek G. and I came to a conclusion.

[9:30:39 AM] ahill> this SQL utility kicks the siht out of myadmin
[9:31:12 AM] derek G> no kidding, running queries is so quick and easy
[9:41:06 AM] ahill> how the hell do you pronounce it? SQLyog?
[9:41:15 AM] ahill> Sequel Yog? (like jog w/ a soft J)
[9:42:21 AM] derek G> I have no idea, I was wondering the same thing. Sequel Yog? Sqeal-yog? Squilly-og?
[9:42:37 AM] derek G> hah, I think I like squilly-og the best, easiest to say
[9:42:37 AM] ahill> Squilly Og gets my vote


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6 Responses to *AMP Must Have SQLyog

  1. rickp says:

    I’d agree… except, I might call it: squirrely-og, just ’cause anything with squirrels in it is more fun * 10^23.

    Except orange juice.

  2. Clayton says:

    squirels eat nutz. 😐

  3. Deezil says:

    Have you heard about this new fad. It’s called Jogging. Or it could be Yogging. It could be a soft J. Apparently, all you do is run. [/anchorman]

  4. I have used SQL Yog forever it seems. I have always pronounced it Sequel-Yog

  5. tim says:

    wine or didja abandon ubuntu?

  6. bofe says:

    parts of this will still work in linux,

    i’m using ubuntu still at home. not at work.

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