Campaigner: The Dr. Roach Calculus Test

I’ve been using the product Campaigner lately and it’s reminded me of a Calculus professor I had.

This is a part of Campaigner’s interface—only six steps!

The sad thing is it’s actually at least 12 clicks to finish a successful Campaign.

Just like Dr. Roach’s Calculus tests. “Only three problems!” he’d boast, and the first time we all fell for it. Little did we know, solving his “only three problems” meant going through an ungodly amount of work for an answer that was usually 1.


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  1. Rickp says:

    Hey man.. was great having you over Wednesday night… wish you guys could have stayed, but not like I would have been there in the morning anyway. If/when you come this way on your way back, please feel free to stop back and again the offer stands that you can stay as long as you like.

    Was really nice to see ya again, and I hope we get to see you again soon.

    Catch ya later.

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