Liftoff in T Minus…

It will be interesting to see how Google behaves with our new project which is set to launch this coming week. I can’t say much about the project until I get the go ahead, but it is wonderfully exciting. It was my first chance to flex The Bag’s muscles.

This coming week I’ll be watching O.A.R. in concert. I’ll also finish training at my new job and actually have time to work on our massive backlog of work during normal hours instead of before/after time.

As we get ready to launch the first project, another one is going to be in its infancy. We’ve learned lots from this project and we’re ready for another new challenge.

Let’s rock.


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2 Responses to Liftoff in T Minus…

  1. Rickp says:

    Well, if you’re just waiting on Stevo now, I guess I’ll cancel my plans to move there 😉 jk of course… no plans to do so any time soon.

    Glad to hear work is going awesomely well. I hope it continues to do so; it sounds like fun. I’ve been periodically VERY busy and VERY not busy… I’m sure things will start to pile up as I get incorporated, but right now I’m on a low-point… So, I’m spending this time researching SQL Server DTS and stored procedures.

    Fun times. Take care man.

  2. Hey, if the money is right, I’ll move anywhere 😉

    Seriously though, you all moving away to a big city and making the big bucks makes me a little jealous. I look forward to at least visiting KC to hang with you all.

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