Overheard: Swayze Edition

the following is a true story
this actually happened. randomness. but pretty funny:

my roomies and i are at a bar called The Granfalloon in KC. The night had already been a relatively strange night with the Church Group standing outside of Kelley’s and the midget with a midget-walker that begged the question “where do you go to buy a walker if you’re a midget?” … but… we’re in the granfalloon.

there’s probably 400-500 people here, easily. the place is wildly packed. it’s a friday night in a big city. and then it happens: about 10 guys walk in with NASCAR outfits on. they proceeded to get into a huge fight with a group of black guys. one of the bouncers was bleeding a little. it was pretty wild, and as the ringleader for the NASCAR crew was being removed he exclaimed:

i’m fscking patrick swayze’s son motherfscker, i do whatever the hell i want!

i’m laughing so hard.

my conclusions:

  1. the guy was wasted. (the least fun conclusion)
  2. the guy really was the son of swayze (2nd most fun conclusion)
  3. the guy was making a reference to Road House where swayze depicts a bouncer (editor’s choice)

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2 Responses to Overheard: Swayze Edition

  1. russel says:

    he may be the son of patrick swayze, but I’m RICK JAMES BITCH!

    oh hum,…sorry…very…bored…

  2. Rickp says:

    So, was he claiming to BE Swayze’s son, or was he claiming to … be IN Swayze’s son? Eh? eh?

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