I’ve been using a card table as my computer desk. That’s been the case been since I moved out of KY.

This morning I realized why my neck had been bothering me so much… my monitor had been on the same level as my keyboard.

I scrambled our newly cleaned house (Thanks, Andrea) I found four of Clayton’s hard drives that were laying around and a copy of The Abs Diet.

I’m already feeling better.


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5 Responses to Elevated

  1. Clayton says:

    Craig: wtf

    Andrew: ?

    Craig: you used my hard drives/!?!

    Andrew: hahaha
    they aren’t doing anything!
    it’s not like my monitor is magnetic

    Craig: WTF!?!?!

  2. adam says:

    i CAN’T use a computer unless the monitor, keyboard and mouse are all on the same level, i hate the 4 story desks w/ a dozen pull out trays… MAXIMUM QUAKE EFFICIENCY!

  3. russel says:


  4. adam says:

    no thanks, i like action, not waiting behind boxes for 2 hours

  5. russel says:

    true dat

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