While you were out

I took an internet break and a blogging break. A lot’s happened since then, so here you go in bullet form…

  • Chris Sanders got dugg
  • DMac and his wife visited
  • I fully converted my desktop machine to Ubuntu Linux Dapper Drake release. Free at last.
  • I had a great KY visit. I wish I would have had a car and spread my time out a little more.
  • I stopped shaving a week ago. I won’t shave again until Monday morning.

I’m exhausted. Goodnight.


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3 Responses to While you were out

  1. Ed says:

    sorry I couldn’t meet up with you

    any reason for not shaving?

  2. bofe says:


    Only reason for not shaving is I’ll be doing it super regularly once I start work on Monday morning.

  3. Stupid Digg…

    “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”


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