More Firsts

This time in my life has held quite a few “firsts”—here they are in no particular order:

  • First KC Royals Baseball Game
  • First Mr. Goodcents sandwich (4.5/10—10 being Famous Deli/Bistro in Downtown Owensboro)
  • First (and probably last) Vodka Tonic—I felt too much like an old woman drinking one of these P
  • First expierence Wakeboarding (and I got up!)

mali-booty sunset

There’s the boat we’ve been taking out. It’s Craig’s boat. I’m not sure what her name is—we’ve been unofficially(?) calling it the mali-booty because it’s a Malibu brand boat. Note: this photo also contains Kansas’ state flower the Sunflower.

Scott, Craig and myself will be spending our Tuesdays and Thursdays “rehearsing” for the weekends. Craig has a slight advantage over us wakeboarding, but we are eager to learn. Wakeboarding is fun but it’s also physically challenging. I’m a little sore. After today’s run I hope to be even more sore.


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2 Responses to More Firsts

  1. Clayton says:

    hot pics… did you snap that today?

  2. Pat says:

    NEWBIE – those are not sunflowers LOL

    Congrats on trying so many new things. That is awesome. I love Mr. Goodcents.

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