Something Blue

After spending a week in San Diego, I had a whole new set of words/customs to add to my arsenal. (Going huge, douchechill, etc)

Spending my first week in Overland Park has done the same.

New Music:

  • O.A.R. – The double-cd live album 34th & 8th… our essential summer jam
  • T.I. – Particularly the song “Get It”
  • Head Automatica – Decadence
  • Chamillionare – The entire “Sound of Revenge” album

New Phrases:

  • “That’s hot”
  • “Empircal data reveals/suggests…”

Oh, and I bought a Royal’s hat tonight. We went to watch one of the worst teams in baseball prove it, we blew the lead (2-0) in the last two innings and lost 4-2.


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4 Responses to Something Blue

  1. Ed says:

    Chamillionare – The entire “Sound of Revenge” album


  2. Danger Frog says:

    God, you bought a Royals Hat….rofl, that’s like if I bought a Pitsb Pirates hat.

  3. burris says:

    andy is riding dirty

  4. JohnO says:

    I would like to submit to you and your constituents a viable replacement for “Thats hot”. It’s direct involvement with Paris Hilton and her attempt to coin the phrase some years ago should automatically disqualify it from anyones conversation. It’s replacement should be “Kingpin”. It’s usage can be anything from something being Kingpin (awesome) to I’m just kingpinnin (pimping). I learned it from a man that had replaced the phrase “thats boss” with kingpin. He tells me it changed his life.

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