Day 5; Promises

Overland Park is still a very different place. I’ve got my first interview tomorrow. It’s a web development gig doing ColdFusion programming along with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I’m excited.

Life’s been moving pretty fast – working on pet projects along with unpacking and renovating the basement there’s been little time to just chill. We spent yesterday on Hillsdale Lake which is a man-made lake that the US Army Corps of Engineers built and maintains. Any time we’re aboard the Mal-i-booty (Craig’s boat) promises to be a good time, and this was no exception. We ended up meeting a really nice and outgoing family and spent the entire day (1pm-11pm) out there.

Now it’s time to brag: my granddad graduated Saturday with a Master’s Degree in Medical Biochemistry. It’s a little strange role-reversal – a grandson bragging about his grandpa graduating from college, but it’s a unique story (as told from the Philadelphia Inquirer):

Most people in their 80s enjoy retirement and traveling. They usually don’t go back to college, let alone get a graduate degree at the age of 83 so they can start a new career. But George Rayl of Berwyn had a promise to keep. As his wife, Olga, lay dying from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig’s disease, Rayl told her he would work for a cure. That was 11 years ago.

He’s gotten a great amount of press on this:

It’s rewarding to have such determined family members. Our family learned so much from Gram’s bout with ALS and it’s gratifying to see Granddad continue to honor her memory in his own way.


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2 Responses to Day 5; Promises

  1. Bittel says:

    dude, that is so awesome, your Granddad is like my hero, what a badass. Hope you get the job, good luck Bofe of the KC.

  2. rickp says:

    Wow man. To be a total wuss here, I nearly cried when I read that. Your family seems to be filled with strongly-charactered people… From hearing you talk about your folks, and now this from your grandfolks, I see where you get it from. Very touching. Thanks for sharing it.

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