Another First: Highlighted Hair

pic overhead final pic of highlights who, me?

It’s not super obvious, but I got my hair highlighted today. My hair lady person told me it was “caramel” colored.


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6 Responses to Another First: Highlighted Hair

  1. rickp says:

    I like it. Having hair FTW!

  2. adam says:

    rofl rick, img_0087 FTW!

  3. Mait says:

    Pook is in the background of that pic!!!! w00t

  4. rickp says:

    No doubt, Adam… 0087 is teh pwn.

  5. Clayton says:

    i like, the ladies of KC will heart it.

  6. Danger Frog says:

    ROFL!!1! OMG you’re MEGA 1337 now! YOU TOTALLY PWN3d that hair dresser! Sk33t Sk33t!

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