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Now that school has ended (!!!) and work has slowed down, I’m getting back into the swing of things with the tech life. I finished reading DHTML Utopia. The usual blogs haven’t been cutting it for me when it comes to technical breadth, but luckily I’ve come across a few good sites.

My new reads:

  • DaveHayes – particularly in his tech category dave takes an in-depth look at the Linux OS and debunks a lot of the myths that accompany the OS.
  • Xaprb – while xaprb has a nondescriptive about page, the content speaks for itself. Definitely a “next level” look at SQL and Database concepts, as well as some great XHTML/XML tips.
  • Avalonstar – blog of Facebook’s creative director Bryan Veloso. Great design, great writing, and beneficial to boot.
  • Bare Naked App – the guys are Carson Systems are blogging their entire development process for their new app Amigo. Nice view inside of their design process.

An old read I forgot about, and I’ll be checking more often:

  • Erik@EAE – Erik now works at Google with another well known DHTML/Javascript Guru. Another beyond the basics of Javascript/DHTML look.

I’ve also been lurking in ##php, #web, #javascript, and ##mysql on Freenode IRC. Extremely interesting conversations with some people who know more about these subjects than I ever will. Maybe one day I’ll muster up the guts to chat.


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