Post Graduation Geekiness

Today I bought some Arctic Silver and a 5 1/2” addon for my case to give me some temperature readouts. I’ve been having some heating issues for a while now and now that I’ve actually got time to investigate it I’ll solve the problem before I go to KS.

Launchy is a sweet little application that emulates the OS-X quicksilver for Windows 2000/XP. I had to reset the keyboard shortcut from ALT+Space to CTRL+Space, but once I got that taken care of I can fly.

Finally, some GMail productivity tips: Use Firefox. Download Greasemonkey. Use SecureGmail and Gmail Macros … don’t forget, if you can to forward all of your email addresses to Gmail. You can send mail with GMail from any address you can verify is yours.


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2 Responses to Post Graduation Geekiness

  1. Danger Frog says:

    I love my bofe, I’m going to miss you. I’ll have to make a visit to the KS to hang with the Klique.

  2. rickp says:

    Hey Bofe… Thank you for turning me onto Launchy. I use it now by the minute. As do a couple office-mates I showed it to. It is the pwn pretty much. rocks.

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