Commencement Cuss Count

I walked the line earlier today.

In an earlier post I talked about something we did at fraternity meetings called “Cuss Count”. It’s mostly about recording offensive things that were said along with taking quotes out of context and making them very perverted or reflecting on the very random.

May 2006 Murray State University’s Commencement Cuss Count:

  • I came with them
  • Emmy Award Winning Broadcasters
  • She received her bachelors
  • To command a unit
  • West KY gene pool
  • Just the right size for us to come
  • I’m pretty sure Kern is wasted
  • Another example of KY intelligence
  • Good visual aids can go a long way
  • Take this collection of tools into the workforce
  • Value your utencils
  • I can’t go through this whole list, it’s too long
  • Party responsibly
  • I’m trying to locate the unit
  • I wasn’t sure where you were going with the plastic spoon

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2 Responses to Commencement Cuss Count

  1. Ross Uber says:


  2. Russel says:

    WTF????? WTF?????!?!?

    oh wait…dude! you graduated! Finally! Congrats!
    I’m pretty sure I wont get to see you before you leave for Kansas, so, have fun and all the best bud!

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