The Struggle

While trying to grok anything I could about the TV show LOST, I came across a test.

The show is testing me, just like the Island (yes, capitalized) is testing the characters on the show. I found spoilers of Season 2’s finale. It was all just a scroll away… but then I heard the distinctive “woosh” sound that is synonymous with a flashback on LOST. It was to Season 1, Episode 7… The Moth where Locke is helping Charlie with his heroin battle.

Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening it.

At the end of my flashback, I made the right decision and closed the window.

I’ll see you all in another life.


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One Response to The Struggle

  1. Sayid says:

    Is that the same flashback where you accidentally bumped into me when I was getting my coffee, and it burned me, and we stared at each other for a moment before we went on our merry way, only to bump into each other at a later date on the Island (or in the apartment), wondering where we had met before?

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