MVC Epiphany

I know I haven’t posted Part 3 of my series. I’m trying to finish these six final exams I have in three days. I did do a little update on end of part 2. Sorry. I’ve also had a rather important development with the geek side of things, which I’ll share…

The “It’s not a framework” Framework is quickly evolving into a legit framework.

I recently had the MVC epiphany. Let me try and explain it…

  • Model

The model part of MVC is the meat of the application. This is where the really hairy queries would be done to gather the data that needs to be displayed. The model contains classes, methods, objects, functions which are used to power the application’s backend.

  • View

The view in MVC is the pretty face. This is where frontend designers can dress up what was unearthed in the model portion and make it attractive/digestable to end users. View will contain stylesheets, some conditionals, and all user interface components. For my pseudo framework, I have decided that using Smarty is the best decision as it has the most functionality, performance, and just really cool parts like {cycling} to have alternating row colors.

  • Controller

I didn’t understand the controller’s purpose at first. One day in Economics class I started thinking about it and it just jumped out at me and bit me. The controller is the brain of the application. Controllers decide which models and views are used—what scenarios enact what portions of the application. Brilliant!

So, I’ve made a dozen “helper” functions which will ease application development immensely. My biggest todo is figuring out how I want my controller to work. That will happen next week. I’m so ready for these finals to be over so I can start working on the real important things.

  • More Geekiness

If this post wasn’t geeky enough for you, check out MCPlus+. No, it isn’t another library of files to download, it’s a recording artist with a new album called Algorhythms.

The track listing is in binary, there’s a song about “Alice and Bob” the two characters commonly used in encryption examples. What are you waiting for?


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