Three Shakes

From Everything2:

In Tom Clancy’s Sum of all Fears, a ‘shake’ is defined as a unit of time approximately 10 nanoseconds; named after the biblical passage that says that armageddon will come in “three shakes of a lamb’s tail.” Thirty nanoseconds are required for a nuclear weapon to get to critical mass.

Clancy is awesome. I was just thinking about this earlier today when I was considering talking to my MGT590 presentation’s “public speaking evaluator” I was considering letting her know that my hands shake all the time, because she had mentioned that in the “DON’TS” of public speaking and I don’t really want to get low marks from her just because of it… but who cares. I’m graduating! Plus, I won’t have that opportunity in “the real world” so why should I try and take it now?

Now for the geek portion of today’s post:

Employers are stupid if they think some e-stalking is a viable way of screening an employee.

  • How easy would it be for anyone to make a myspace account that had a publically available picture that was completely job-search suicide?
  • How reputable is the website?

Anyone can claim they are anyone on the web. Do employers not realize this when they’re snooping around?


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