My Roundup

Here’s my geek roundup:

Scoble posted quite a manifesto today.

It’s encouraging to see such forward thought from Scoble. I especially enjoyed his piece on “Sparkle” versus “Expression Interactive Designer”. It’s especially interesting seeing his view on publicizing raises. Why not? I’ve never really understood the big deal about not knowing how much others make. If it is obviously wrong, the employee will be encouraged to leave or confront management about compensation. It just makes sense.

Tab Handling in Textareas

FINALLY! I’m so sick and tired of moving code from a text editor to textareas for decent indentation.

MySpace is a Click Factory

The most interesting post of the day: does having a user friendly website decrease your potential revenue? MySpace’s is horrendous from a usability standpoint BUT that allows it to display more ads. Ouch. I like to think having an easier to use site would increase overall usage, but I could be wrong.

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  1. clayton says:

    I utterly hate myspace, but because so many people use it – well, it sucks.

    The secret? Start a beautiful site and get all the hot people to join it. The meek and ugly will follow.

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