It’s Not A Framework Update

Whew, that was exhausting. A four hour marathon of coding co-learning the prototype library’s ins and outs with my buddy Derek led to some pretty significant strides.

That was pretty exhausting. It’s been a little while since I had a geek marathon after working out and a fully day of class and work.

FINISHED FUNCTIONS: INSERT, DELETE, BUILD_FORM, BUILD_FORM_FIELD, GET_FIELD_DATA, GET_TABLE_DATA and SANITIZE are all done. Lots of little things are covered in the function—but there are still a lot of details that can be added. When I start working with this library I’ll know what I need to add to the next revision.

Next week:Data Selection.

I’m such a geek.


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  1. craiggers says:

    I’m sitting here at the airport waiting on scott and thought I would tell u that ur page looks pretty good to mobile users on cellphones! you go bofester!

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