The Final Countdown

Looks like ol’ Copperfield will be blackballed from the Magicians Alliance. If you watched Arrested Development, you’d probably understand this…

In the job search news, I’ve put my resume on and with Robert Half Technology—both of the user experiences with enrollment were very enjoyable. Right now the two regions of the country I’m focusing on are Overland Park, KS and San Diego, CA.

Other options include: stay in Murray and be a loafer, move to Owensboro and be a loafer, move to Eddyville/Kuttawa and be a loafer. The whole loafing thing isn’t too appealing to me. Especially since I’ve racked up this uncanny desire to buy a bunch of stuff I really don’t need, like one of those Intel Based Apple Powerbooks…

More updates later, I’ve gotta go learn to sing some Boyz-II-Men.

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One Response to The Final Countdown

  1. Deezil says:

    Ask me two weeks ago, I would have said stay here. I would have told you that it’s where I imagine spending the rest of my life, and it doesn’t look that bad. But something has changed, and definitely not for the better. I can no longer explain it, but it’s time to go. Something inside of me is telling me that I have to get the hell out of Dodge, never look back, and hit the open road.

    So, if something is alerting me this badly, and I’m usually a complacent and stagnant creature when it comes to moving somewhere, I think this should be a red light to you staying around here. On the other hand, there’s a job being a computer jockey for 12.xx an hour at the CHFA. Not enough to make anyone stay, but enough to keep me around for a little.

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