Vocal Stylings

A friend recently gave me a copy of the university’s concert choir concert.

This was recorded in 2002-2003, in the Performing Arts Hall at Murray State University, Murray KY.

mata_del_anima_sola.mp3—Mata del Anima Sola by Antonio Estévez. Featuring Aaron Lundy, Tenor, Conducted by Dr. Bradley Almquist.

Wow, our concert choir is badass. So is our Wind Ensemble. I’ll find a recording of them this week.

The lyrics, translated:

Tree of the lonely soul, wide opening of the riverside—Now you will be able to say: here slept the clear song.
With the whistle and the sting of the twisting wind,
the dappled and violet dusk quietly entered the corral.
The night, tired mare, shakes her mane and black tail above the riverside,
and in its silence, your heart of phantoms is astounded.


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  1. Stephie says:

    Aaron is incredible. Do you know what he’s doing now?

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