The Problem with GM

I’m in 6 classes this semester, 4 business classes. Each one of my business classes claims to know “What went wrong at General Motors”.

The synopsis:

  • ECO310 (Global Economics) – Previous trade restrictions put on Japanese imports (see voluntary export restrictions) have nipped us all in the butt
  • MGT443 (Operations Management) – Quality Assurance wasn’t done properly at GM or any American auto manufacturer. Failure ensues.
  • BPA442 (Business Ethics) – Poor ethical decisions were made at GM. There was not enough altruistic thought throughout the company.
  • MGT590 (Strategic Management) – Poorly formed strategy was poorly implemented from the brass at GM.

Possible candidates from my non-business classes:

  • AST199 (Astronomy) – Due to the current phase of the moon and Venus, it should have been obvious to GM not to spend so much.
  • ENG101 (English 101) – An improperly worded memo reached the desk of the CEO which caused an irreversible chain of events.

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4 Responses to The Problem with GM

  1. GM’s major problem? Proprietary Buses on the stock GM audio DELCO head units. My Yukon has this stock POS and, gasp, upon trying to remove it and put in my sony mp3 head unit, I learn that I must buy a harness and adapter for my onstar and passenger radio controls.

    WTF I say – I just want to run it to the speakers and disable all of these other options. Not possible … You can not just bypass those pieces of crap. What must you do to use an aftermarket cd player? Purchase a $175 harness that disables your onstar, disables the backseat controls, and allows you to use the cd player! $175 dollars! Heck, the aftermarket sony head unit was almost less than that! And guess what? The bose packages unit makes 175 bucks seem like chump change!

    Can you add subs with the stock unit easily? No rca’s out. Can you play mp3s? Not in 2002 you couldnt. Can i interface the ipod I have any other way then FM Modulation? Nope, no aux inputs no the delco.

    In other words, GM’s stereo systems suck!

  2. Deezil says:

    Just like business majors to know everything about business.

    Oh, BTW. Your template says “Autor” instead of “Author”. Didn’t know if it was by design or oversight…

  3. bofe says:

    We do know everything about business. And fixed0red3d.

  4. rickp says:

    Um… or the real reason it failed:

    They made less money than they needed to in order to support their operational costs and growth trends.

    aka – They ran outta benjamins.

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