Sirius Business

I’m feeling a little bit of web mojo again. I think it’s because I’m so close to getting this application launched.

Now I’m just trying to delete some e-mail.

Like a year’s worth of e-mail.

I’m connecting via SSH, but there are apparently too many files in my /Maildir/new to use “rm *” on them. I’ve also tried “rm -rm /Maildir/new/” and “find /Maildir/new/ -name ’*’ -exec rm {} \;” but I’ve had no luck. Does anyone have ANY idea how I can get this shit out?

Whoops. “rm -rm” is invalid… time to try rm -rf. IT WORKED!!!!


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6 Responses to Sirius Business

  1. pretty hot template here buddy….

  2. Big Cheez says:

    Andy, I’ve been testing out Google lately ( Unbelievable. I just set it to be my start page in IE V 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519.

  3. Bittel says:

    Looked at your site at the studio while recording. Nice layout. I love my Bofe.

  4. tim says:

    No posts in 10+ days. I think we’re going to have to revoke your hosting and give it to some homeless kids in sri lanka.

  5. rickp says:

    sorry it took me so long to respond, and it won’t likely help you now, but:

    \rm -rf will usually work. \ escapes the alias the sysadmin has likely put in place to invalidate the -rf flags because of the potential for destruction. sorry for the delayed response yo.

  6. rickp says:

    wow and i read the rest of your post. i suck. nevermind me.

    if you ever try rm -rf and it doesn’t work, use my fix 😉

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