Jobs 2.0

Matt at 37svn wrote a good piece on the new way to get hired.

I’m one of those people who will be looking for a job in the very near future. Unfortunately, most of the employers that actually need a professional like me wouldn’t be looking at technorati, icerocket, delicious, memetracker or really ANYWHERE in the blogosphere. I hate that word. Regardless…they’re still purely relying on their own in-house metrics and completely missing out on what the rest of the world is saying.

That made me sound like a disgusting marketer wannabe. O_O

So, the question has been burning for a while. What do you want to do when you get out of college?

I wouldn’t mind doing the following things:

  • XHTML/CSS overhauling
  • PHP/MySQL Application Development
  • ColdFusion Application Development
  • Professional Development Training
  • Something completely different, but web related
  • Data Mining/Corporate Knowledge

I’ll be posting a resume soon. Here’s to making that expensive piece of paper go to work.


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2 Responses to Jobs 2.0

  1. richard says:

    Good read..

  2. What? No Ruby on Rails?

    I’d love to work on some cool web apps, design networks, admin networks, or maybe manage a large Microsoft Access database. Something with security would be cool too.

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