Hurry up and Fail

I’m pretty tired of the overwhelming New Year’s Resolution crowd that’s been showing up at the Wellness Center. It’s getting to be too crowded there.

Oh well, at least I can still eat nicely and do my own thing.

Classes are pretty interesting. Here’s the “first day” review:

  • ECO310 – Global Economics: Economics could actually become interesting. This class really just makes me want to travel.
  • MGT590 – Strategic Management: I’m a little skeptical about this one. We’ll see…
  • MGT443 – Operations Management: A little more numbers based that Strategic Management, which is probably a good thing…
  • BPA442 – Business Ethics: This guy reminds me of my high school government teacher. I could see myself being like him in 35 years… It’s enjoyable.
  • AST115/116 – Astronomy: This is my regret for putting off a science course until now.
  • ENG101 – English, online: This is my regret for doing too many stupid things my first semester here.

The classes are going to be pretty rough. I don’t think the end of the semester will be as terrible as last semester.

113 more days.


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One Response to Hurry up and Fail

  1. Deezil says:

    If you have time in the schedule (9:30 MWF), drop AST and join me in CHE 101. Best decision of your life.

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