On Your Mark

Tomorrow is my last “First Day of Classes” at Murray State. A lot of mixed emotions, but that’s not important.

Of the utmost importance is my LOST addiction. A friend let me borrow Season 1, and now I can’t function without watching at least one episode a day.

I’ve decided my TV addiction hasn’t really been rekindled with LOST/Arrested Development/Scrubs, but it’s being addicted to TV shows that are available on DVD. The lack of time constraints, commercials, and portability makes TV shows on DVD pretty unbeatable.


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4 Responses to On Your Mark

  1. richard says:

    I hear ya on the lost addiction… I downloaded some episodes from limewire, but am buying the season tomorrow. Limewire has the whole 1st season…you should get it.

  2. Bittel says:

    I have an addiction to lil rainbows still. I haven’t kicked the habit, although I don’t buy them anymore, I still crave them.

  3. Deezil says:

    You’re getting old around here. I just can’t wait until next year until I’m old too.

  4. Allison says:

    i’m addicted to LOST as well. we picked up the season 1 DVDs right after thanksgiving at some crazy black friday bullshit sale for $29. we got caught up on season 1 while season 2 took a six week break.

    last night was great but SUCH a let down.

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