It’s snowing here. Snowing and wet. How I miss thee, San Diego.

Today’s intake: one PBJ sandwich, one special el primo at Los, and probably something else to be announced. No exercise yet for this week besides pushups around the apartment—I’m able to get them in groups of 30 though.

My schedule is pretty much non-stop. I’m got 8:30-6:00 inked in daily for class, work, and exercise. 19 hours of class, 30 hours of work, and 4 hours of exercise. I did realize that somehow I also scheduled an hour every day for lunch—I didn’t notice this until I saw my revised schedule at work. The not so pleasant part of my schedule is I haven’t put in times for extra curricular activities and homework. Gross.

So, the semester’s goals:

  • 4.0
  • Weighing 180/185 lbs by May. I got down to 205, but I’m at 210 now as a result of an extended vacation O_O
  • Graduating
  • Making the most of the time I have left in Murray with my friends
  • Landing a job before graduation

That’s pretty effin’ ambitious. Oh well. That’s how I roll.


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5 Responses to Arg

  1. Amber says:

    Good luck with that Andy

  2. Deezil says:

    I’ll mirror that sentiment.

    You’ve done great things with yourself Andrew. You’ve got more things to come in life. I can’t wait until I come watch you walk across the stage. That will be just the beginning of the long and prosperous life that you will have. I will definitely spend as much time as I can with you before you leave, just trying to gain some of that knowledge. But I can definitely say that once you pack up and move out of teh refuge, there will be a definite hole to fill. Not just in the apartment, but in our lives.

    Truly a blessing to all that meet you.

  3. Bittel says:

    as Christian Cage would say, “Cause That’s How I Roll”.

    in other news, good luck with the semester.

  4. Bittel says:

    ps, your sites visual appeal makes me want to eat Lime Sherbert every time I visit.

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