San Diego Report

Whew, what a trip. I just posted the remainder of my photos to the gallery.

A note about the photos, I didn’t take it with me when we went out because I was pretty sure it would get misplaced/stolen …especially in Tijuana.

The trip was awesome. It was exactly what I needed—a real vacation with new people in a new place. I’m so glad to be back though. I missed my friends in Murray.

The big differences: money money money. Yes, the cost of living is higher. Drastically. However, there are tons of public beaches and parks to go to that need staff. There’s also a parking garage cost that I hadn’t anticipated. There wasn’t a terrible difference in gas prices, but there was a lot more driving. Welcome decreases in costs were in food and booze. Since there are so many pubs/restaurants/clubs, they all have to have ridiculous specials. $2 for any well drink. $4 for a pitcher of beer. $1 for a Matt B’s size slice of pizza. How’s that?

Distance was a pretty huge obstacle as well. If you wanted to get out of your ‘area’, everything seemed to be about 10-20 minutes away. There were also tons of pubs/restaurants that were in walking/biking distance. Tiajuana was 20 minutes away, but I don’t think I really want to go back there.

The little differences: food. Fish tacos, Chinese Fusion Restaurants (Kung pow pizza?), and any variety of ethnic food you can imagine. We ate at some awesome restaurants. Oh, and of course the In-n-Out burger. That’s a good burger.

The people were different, too. Some of them were kind of rude, but for the most part everyone was really nice. Maybe I lucked out? However, there were tons of beautiful people. Everyone seemed to be in great shape (or very close to getting there) and extremely savvy about their appearance.

The lingo was different. “Solid” was our “huge”. Huge was a place to go, as in “We’re going huge tonight guys!”—and let’s not forget Tobias’ immortal “douche chill” remark.

The trip was great. The plane trips were awesome. 25 SDSU cheerleaders were on my flight to Cincinnati. Getting to see the bridge Baxter was punted from was sweet. I got reacquainted with TV too. I’m now able to consider myself a pretty serious fan of Arrested Development and Scrub since I watched a full season of each on DVD.


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