Congrats to my friends Rick and Shaina over at CloseKnitFamily.net on your new beautiful baby girl Shiloh. The pictures are amazing.

It seems like it was…oh, what… a little over two years ago the an anxious Rick was staying at my parents house in Owensboro right before his wedding. I still remember the breakfast we had that morning. Yum.

I’m just lounging around at home, listening to the iPod and trying to find semi-constructive ways to spend my time. I’ll be going to the mall today and doing some late shopping. I should probably rent a movie or five…

Reads o’ twh day (sorry, it’s only WP today):


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2 Responses to Dag

  1. Moonlite BBQ says:

    Why don’t you stop by and pick up some pulled pork from me. You need to become a mutton glutton. A slave to the BBQ goodness.

  2. deezil says:

    What, Andrew Hill can’t play the Jazz Flute too?

    Baxter, bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!!

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