LPC 2K5 Update

The LAN Party is going pretty well. We’re playing a ton of games and trading a few files while we’re at it.

In attendance:

  • ral0s
  • pixie
  • Alt-Tab
  • fredward
  • BurninDrew
  • El Ziggo
  • Poptart
  • Drak
  • StinkyPie
  • Two random dudes I didn’t know

My box doesn’t like running UT GOTY which makes me sad. We had a couple of good games of CTF, some CTC, and a really massive amount of data transfer.

Finals are done, 12 Gadgets went very well… now it’s just time to relax. I’ll be heading back to Murray for work on Sunday.


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One Response to LPC 2K5 Update

  1. stinkypie says:

    Jah, it were fun. Lotso stuff.

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