Every one of you is fired

It’s been a really exciting time. Some of it I’m not yet really comfortable talking about on here, but I will be updating my resume this weekend…

Everything is wrapping up quickly. Three more big assignments and a final for the semester and I’m done with computer classes.

I had a professor harp on and on about how great mainframes are, how they are the most reliable pieces of equipment ever.

Then I go to check my account at MSU and see this:

From 5:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, PIN will generally not be available due to normal daily processing.

Whew. I’m in before 5:00 pm, I’m golden!… or am I?

Error Received
The following error occured while accessing PIN:
Major Error – Technical Difficulties
Error received in SREG002 – Unknown

… and he can’t understand why a group dogged a mainframe. Oh well. That class is almost over.

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4 Responses to Every one of you is fired

  1. tim says:

    Just FYI, read the very bottom of the “Nielsen” “Ajax Sucks…” article.

  2. Since I’ve “technically” operated a mainframe, I have worked with over three mainframes in random positions, and I know unix – I feel comfortable saying that …

    Mainframes suck

    Its just an archaic database of shit. Get rid of it. Buy a **WOOHOO CUSS WORD HERE *** blade-cluster, a copy of sql server 2005, and hire a mid-range salaried db admin.

    I think Murray State has six fulltime mainframe operators. Six. And you know they aren’t making 20k a year. WTF is the TOC on all of that 70’s shitty equipment?

  3. Blade Cluster?! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  4. ryan guill says:

    What kind of mainframe are we talking here?

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