Waiting for Something to go Wrong

The 420 presentation went pretty well.

My eatings did not do too well. I had one grilled burrito, small potato oles, Diet Pepsi, sweet tea, and a 60% rice filled plate at august moon yesterday (with just chicken and egg rolls, no sweet and sour sauce)—but that’s all. It’s pretty strange to me that a little over a year ago I didn’t even eat chinese food. Now I’m trying NOT to gorge.

Today’s to do: eat something, go to CIS304, go to work, print “Do it Now”, swim, watch a movie, eat dinner, do COBOL homework, do CIS420 homework.


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One Response to Waiting for Something to go Wrong

  1. deezil says:

    I need to find my deck of cards, a night of ERF and beer is soon to happen

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