Last week was stressful in three of my five classes. Unfortunately for me, I completely neglected COBOL and Management. The weekend has served as catch up for these classes. Two late assignments. Whoops.

I’m procrastinating on finishing my management paper. What better way to do that then to post on the ol blog?

I wish I had useful links of the day. I don’t. Sundays are slow.

Rip this apart: – it’s for a class project for CIS 420. The heading graphic will be adjusted to the full width of the container.

Things I’m specifically looking for:

  • Broken Links
  • Browser hijinx

If you’re a trooper, crush this too:



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4 Responses to Late

  1. Looks good, the only thing I found that might be tweaked a little is the right padding of the content area. What I did was steal some real estate from the sidebar by giving the “#sidebar ul” a margin and padding of 0 (you might have to play with its margin and padding and that of the li contained within to get it looking and working like you want). It seemed from my math that it needed about 9 pixels to make it look right (I thought 10 at first, but I think 1px is for the #sidebar’s right border, I could be wrong), so I stole those from the #sidebar itself, gave them to the #content, and added the padding to the #content area.

    If that makes no sense whatsoever, let me know. I’m easy to find.

  2. drakar says:

    Looks good in FF, but in IE the content column appears to have a fixed height so it cuts off the text. In Opera the sidebar and content columns extend to a pretty large height – looks like it isn’t handling the huge bottom padding and negative margin in the desired way.

    But who needs anything other than FF? ;D

  3. drakar says:

    Uh so now IE is displaying it correctly. Weird…

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