Who knew?

I love listening to Ben Harper. His voice has a really smooth quality to it that’s hard to describe. While writing this, I’m listening to his album called Diamonds on the Inside.

But, my thoughts on Ben Harper instantly changed when I saw a Direct TV ad for his pay per view special.

He’s black. I had never seen a picture of him until I saw the commercial.

The image in my mind of a guy named Ben Harper singing songs like Diamonds on the Inside—especially with that voice—well, I thought he was white. When I saw the ad, that theory was totally flubbed.


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3 Responses to Who knew?

  1. Randolph says:

    I got the same shock when I learned that Hootie was black.

  2. clayton says:

    The question is — did you change your mp3 playlist after saw the picture? huh punk? You Racist!

    I assumed he was white as well – and darn, he has a lot of tattoes.

  3. adam says:

    bb king is white

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