I am the bad guy

Reel Big Fish will put anyone in a good mood.

This morning I gave a demonstration to 16 elementary school children with Google Earth. They were so awesome and energetic. The scary thing was, they had mad skills. The only problems we really ran into were spelling—they knew how to use the computers extremely well.

I also gave a demonstration to some jaded high school kids that just kind of sucked. I did tell them about Meebo, the AJAX IM client that they can still use at school to IM their friends.

Yesterday’s food… well, yesterday the gloves came off. I had an 8 oz steak from Outback Steakhouse and a sweet potato. I don’t remember anything I ate before that because it was so blissful.

Today’s food has been some wheat thins, a PBJ sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich and a cup of vegetable soup.

Tonight I’m going to the lake to do some homework and sleep for about 300 years. I can’t wait for sleep.



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