It’s almost Friday

Yesterday I swam another mile. Due to a strenuous schedule, it was the first time going in a week. Oddly enough, it felt like I made really good time. I don’t really watch the clock, but it was good. I weighed myself afterwards, and I’ve dropped 5 more pounds. Clutch.

Oh, and I found out my PHI 340 class won’t substitute for a PHI 201/200 class for humanities electives. There’s no way I can fit another class into my schedule next semester. At all. So, unless I can get some strings pulled or change curriculums or something… I may get to lighten my load in the spring and have a WONDERFUL summer.

I’ll post more later today.


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6 Responses to It’s almost Friday

  1. Dude, you so want to graduate ASAP — the job market for IT is kind of rich again and you dont want to miss out! 🙂

  2. tim says:

    more cowbell please..

  3. tim says:

    ahh.. boo.. its stripped my <blink>cowbell</blink>

  4. rickp says:

    The market is hot currently, but I really don’t think it’s going to go away over the summer, and if it meant a lot less stress your last semester so you could enjoy yourself, then I say it may not be a totally bad thing.

    Personally, I relaxed my last little bit, and I’m 100% glad; I can honestly say that today I don’t regret taking 5 years to graduate, spending a semester in Germany doing basically nothing but being a tourist, etc. I had friends that graduated the year before and started out making a good big more money than I started at… that may just be because of where I ended up, but in the past two years, I don’t think I’ve done too bad by the jobs, and things are ALWAYS changing and such. A staffing agency contacted me just yesterday regarding filling a permanent position for a client, etc.

    I think you’re talented, motivated and confident enough to make it no matter if you graduate in a hot or a cold market; and i seriously doubt that the summer would make that big of a hot/cold difference.

  5. fine rick! I give up! STAY IN SCHOOL FOREVER BOFE!


  6. tim says:

    it is effin’ friday by the way..

    you ain’t got no job…

    im a moron..

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