Workplace Music

Do you play music in your office? If so, how? With or without headphones?

If it’s without headphones, how do you and your co-workers agree on selection (if you do agree)?

Is there a place for music in the workplace?

Here’s my take:

  • I can’t do headphones. Not even one in one ear. They obscure my hearing too much for anything else like a phone or other co-workers.
  • I can’t work well in silence. At all. I guess this is the real music dork coming out, but unless I’m having an involved conversation with someone I almost always need music.
  • Music selection is usually up to me since I’m the oldest back here, but most of the time I trying and play something that everyone won’t hate. Fridays are filled with Tropical Fantasia (latin music) and every other day is usually something different. Plus, my music isn’t loud enough for everyone to hear the details of, it’s just playing.

What say you?


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2 Responses to Workplace Music

  1. tim says:

    use Headphones..

    dredg, 311, inflames, alice in chains (unplugged)..

    buy all of dredg’s albums.. el cielo, leitmotif, catch without arms.. best purchase you can make.. and a mixed bag of genres that i think most ppl can appreciate. they signed under sony, i believe, but obviously get little promotion.

    311, st. louis dec. 7th, $35 =)

    inflames is bout to tour the US again (saw them a few months ago).. hard to top the energy from scandanavian death metal..

    AIC isn’t touring anymore… they won’t tell me why either.. hrm.

    Couple people here play sirius-web over their speakers. Everyone else has ipods and 23″ mac widescreens.

    I couldn’t work without my shitty fake-studio headphones that i have to twist the connector a couple times to pickup the right channel.

    i should have my site together soon enough.. so I don’t have to spam your comments with my abusive ellipses, improper english, nonsensical whorish rambling, etc..

  2. DIck says:

    noise cancelling cubicles? 🙂

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