More Dangerous than Shotguns

Today’s pretty slow. The rain has got to stop.

Old Navy wins some points by allowing me to exchange merchandise I bought online in their store.

Interesting Geek Article of the day: Orthogonality and the DRY Principle DRY is an important concept for anyone who is a developer: Don’t repeat yourself.

Another interesting site, geeky but awesome: (Using Google Maps and Restaurant data to see where you can get beer)

Yesterday’s eats: Crackers, Taco Bell (chicken quesadila and a taco), Diet Pepsi, Lots of Water, noodles with spaghetti sauce, one roll, and some butter. Whoops.

Pro tip of the day: Alt + # (for example, 1 2 or 3) to quickly navigate through IM tabs in gAIM.


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