Will you drink my chemical?

While to people looking in it just looks like a small town controversy, Murray is going through some growing pains of its own.

A drunk driver hit a 62 year old woman on his way back home from a party Friday morning and she died.

I’d met her a couple of times through work, she was always be the nicest person in the world. Other people from the office told me she cooked for them or bought them coffee for working late.

I never made the connection that my friend Abdul lost his mother. Abdul is user #70 on MSURacers.com. I got to be really close to him when Craig and I were making the site because he and his mother lived next door. I haven’t talked to him since he graduated, last I heard he worked for Pella.



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2 Responses to Will you drink my chemical?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Yep. This woman was a regular at work, and the only one that everyone there knew. She was teaching a sister/co-worker how to say things to her husband in Arabic. She was such a nice woman.

  2. mgmoi says:

    Good site!!!

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